Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This Week

This week I've continued concentrating on 'A Cull Of Lions', the follow on to my novel 'The Roar Of Lions', and also my YA novel. It's interesting writing two novels at the same time, because when you hit a wall with one you can turn to the other, and before you know it ideas start flowing again in the former. I was adverse to this at first, then I had a flashback to an online chat I had with Kevin J Anderson, an amazing author who wrote one book of his 'Saga Of Seven Suns'  (Saga Of Seven Suns) each year, along with another of the continuing 'Dune' series with Brian Herbert, who's furthering his father Frank's work. Then, when I thought about it, I realised that I'd been writing several things at once for many years - so why should novels be different? In fact, it works extremely well, and it's something I would recommend.

I've also written several film reviews for Martial Arts Illustrated and had an interview booked yesterday morning with Thomas DuPont, stunt double for Nicolas Cage in his film 'Justice' - which is being released on DVD later this month. Alas, as sometimes occurs, this went awry at the last moment and the phone interview didn't take place - I'm hoping though that this can be done by other means, but we will have to see.

I've also written a short story, 'The Man Who Wasn't There'. This has an interesting twist on the old concept of invisibility. I've submitted the story to a magazine, who are interested in inventions and ideas, and now it's back to the old waiting game. This is the first short I've written in a long while, as I've been determined to build my experience in other areas, such as novel writing.

In a little over two weeks I will hear whether I've passed the MA and I'm now considering what to do next, whether to concentrate solely on my current projects or to improve myself further. Decisions, decisions. But whatever happens I'm finally doing the thing I really love, writing.

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