Saturday, 17 March 2012

This Week In Writing

This week has been extremely busy, working on promoting the first App through as many mediums as possible. We've had a mention in the April Edition of Martial Arts Illustrated, as well as in 'The Author's Showbox', here:

I've heard that University College Falmouth are going to run a press release, but intend waiting until the App is actually out there before doing so. Then, the night before last, I heard from Dan, who's based in New York, that we've had funding approved for the next three Apps, which as you can imagine is brilliant. But, as they say, all good things comes to those who wait. For even once we've actually done all the work and these new Apps are up for sale (which will be many months, yet) we first have to first claw back the money paid out in advance to fund it before we get anything ourselves; so it's very unlikely we'll see anything from these endeavours until at least the end of the year - and I hope to be well enough by then to go back to work, this time as a full time writer.

Following my change of mode back to short stories, to fulfil my Orbiter Obligations, and the birth of 'The Man Who Wasn't There', I had an idea for a second short story - and I love the concept.

Sometimes these ideas appear in dreams, other times you can see something and a story will just pop into your mind. Well, with this one, I was writing down the things that influence me, or inspire my writing. I was in the process of talking about people in the past, and how little different they were then to ourselves now; so how different will the people of our time be to those in the future? Quite simply, they won't. The only things that will change is what's around us, tools and inventions, new diseases and variations of disasters, tyrants and crime.

It was while in this melodramatic mood that the idea for this new story struck me, and I remained beavering away until silly o'clock this morning; and it's still not finished. But there's a deep and savage delight when you have a great story between your teeth and you continue to worry away at it until you end up with a satisfactory product. That's the whole thing about writing, it comes from the heart. It's like giving birth to a child. It need nurturing until it reaches maturity, and when you can watch with pride as it makes it's way out into the world.

I was also pleased to hear that the film reviews I've done for MAI have been taken on board. My feature on Buakaw Por Pruamuk, a world class Thai Kickboxer, on his part in the film 'Yamada' has already been published in April's Edition of MAI - and is already sold out, despite it being only the 17th Of March! My interview with Thomas DuPont, Nicolas Cage's stunt double in the film 'Justice', has been accepted for the May issue - as has a feature of Grand Master Mike McGavin - and I have a great many more lined up.

This Wednesday 21st March is the day that the final marks for the MA are due in. Whether we will hear then or have to wait a while I have no idea, but like many of my fellow students I think I'm going to have disturbed nights thinking about it. But, on the bright side, there is always my writing to crack on with, if sleep eludes me.

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