Friday, 30 March 2012

Little Steps

At last, we have decided on a title for the App. It had to be one that transposes over to future projects, so there was much discussion about the matter. With it being published  in 2 weeks time we finally decided on 'Self Defence Made Easy'. The publisher has done a marvellous job and we're extremely pleased with it. There are other projects in line, so fingers crossed that this one does well.

I also submitted 2 short stories yesterday to a new market, Ether Books, namely A Connoisseur Of The Bizarre and A Whole Bag Of Worms. As mentioned before, while I've been known to wander off the beaten track most of my work remains firmly entrenched in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Connoisseur is the latter, a horror story - or ghost story, if you prefer - a genre I love. Maybe it was the years spent reading Stephen King, Brian Lumley, James Herbert, or even the countless editions of the Pan Book of Horror that I used to relish so many years ago - who knows. The odd thing is I rarely know what's going to appear when I sit down to write, the words just flow and then I have a story. Worms was like that, a Science Fiction story of domestic abuse and racism. One that made me raise my own eyebrows and ask, 'Did I really write that?'

To my delight, however, Ether Books loved them both and are going to publish them on their social publishing platform. This is aimed at people who use mobile phones, iPads and so forth. An ideal platform for someone like myself who is so interested in the digital media. The publishing date is set for around 2 weeks, so more to follow on the subject then.

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  1. been following you blog for a while now it looks like everything is really coming together for you