Thursday, 28 June 2012

App News

Several people have reported problems downloading the App. Having looked into this the publisher realised that, as it has been published using the latest software, users need to ensure they have the latest upgrades on their devices. Basically if users don't download upgrades to their iPhones/iPads then they won't be able to view it. The other side of it is that this also counts for all other recent Apps being marketed. So, please upgrade your devices to enjoy this App and many others.

We're waiting to hear at this moment in time as to when the Android version will be ready, and then  need to make a trip up north to demonstrate the App and talk features.

More on this to follow!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Self Defence Made Easy

I'm delighted to say that the App 'Self Defence Made Easy' is now up for sale on 84 sites, including the Apple AppStore, iTunes and Currently it is only available for Apple products, such as iPads and iPhones, although the Android version will be released soon. The e-Book be out later on, as soon as we have finished work on the Android. This App has a large content and takes time to download, so please use wifi for a swifter service.

Once I hit a certain level of sales I will then start work on the second in this series, plus I've now been asked to write an App for a completely different market. This is starting to take off now and it goes to show how new fields of business are developing and, as a writer, you have to keep yourself up to date and find the new markets that are opening.

I've also started work on a new course, a Nationally Accredited Diploma Level 4 in Copywriting; to enhance my knowledge of this area. After all, you can never stop learning and I'm thoroughly enjoying it - in fact I'm halfway through it already!

This month my feature 'How China’s Arts Are Improving Taekwondo' was published in (July's) Martial Arts Illustrated, on a 4 page spread. It looks great and the editors have done me proud.