Thursday, 22 March 2012


You cannot imagine my delight yesterday when I learnt that not only had I passed my MA, but I did so with a distinction! To say that I'm over the moon about it is an understatement, and I owe my deepest and heartfelt thanks to the tutors at University College Falmouth - in particular Susannah Marriott, Helen Shipman and Andrew Wille. I was also pleased to hear that so many of my close collegues had also passed.

Following close upon the heels of 'The Man Who Wasn't There' is another short story, 'A Whole Bag Of Worms' - one I'm very excited about. It has more levels than a multi-story car park and there is still so much to do with it, despite the limited wordage.

I saw a very interesting post of KarinCox's blog this morning, entitled The Writer’s Toolbox: Some Literary Devices to Enhance Your Work. For those who haven't read it, do. It's interesting and useful; one of those pieces that you read and reread, to ensure you've drummed it all home. You can find this here:

It's fascinating to realise just how much there is to learn about the fine art of writing, and how few steps I've taken along this long and winding path.

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