Sunday, 12 February 2012

With my first novel 'A Pride Of Lions' completed I'm now working on the next novel in the series, 'The Cull Of Lions' and I'm really getting into it. This follows on directly from my protagonist Jenny William's and her teammates escape from a dying planet back into the battlefield, where a stunned mankind has discovered that their ancient enemy is still out there, and to Eden - the mysterious world deep within the regiments new home Loreen. I'm also working on a Young Adult novel, simply because the story wouldn't wait - it's screaming to be written and so I've put pen to paper.

Just completed are reviews of Jackie Chan's 100th film, '1911' which is about the Chinese Revolution, and 'The Front Line', a tale of the Korean War. The latter is an excellent film, much along the lines of 'The Pacific' and 'Band Of Brothers'. Although I'm not a great fan of subtitles this movie is well worth watching. I've also done a book review for Kim Bok Man's 'Taekwondo, Defence Against Weapons'. This is a rewrite of his famous 'Practical Taekwondo', a must-have-book for any serious martial artist.

With the temperature still plummeting well below freezing it's nice to be tucked up indoors with the heating on, tapping away at my laptop. It's a case of keeping your head down, ignoring the cold outside and pitching in; there's so much to write and so many tales to tell.

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