Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've finally finished the MA in Professional Writing and now it's just a case of waiting until the end of March for the results. On top of that the Self Defence app will be published then too and available from the Apple App Store, plus in Android format and as an E-book - so March looks like being a great month all around.

My first novel, 'A Pride Of Lions', is finished too. It's a gripping, romantic and fast paced SciFi yarn with a feisty female protagonist. Set in the far future Jenny Williams suffers the loss of her parents, joins the military, and falls in love even as she leads a desperate attack against alien invaders determined to eradicate mankind.

A sequel to the book is planned in due course, although I'm currently working on my short story collection and a new Young Adult novel. In the meantime there's the query letter to perfect and I saw this excellent feature on twitter this morning, which I'd highly recommend to any writer:

As for now, it's damn cold outside. Time to turn up the heating, my laptop calls.

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