Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I had some good news this week., formerly have accepted the four interviews I submitted to them some time ago. Due to the wordage I've had to cut these into bite sized chunks, so my four features now reads a series of ten pieces. I'm told that these will be put in a stand-alone section of the site, so I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. With luck the first of these should be up later this week, or early next.
Earlier today I nervously  attended my first meeting with the Fareham Writers Group, and was extremely pleased to be invited to become a member a few short hours later. This is the first such group that I've joined and I feel that I can gain a lot from this experienced and knowledgeable group, particularly as they are extremely friendly and approachable.
On a much sadder note, I learned recently of the demise of a prominent magazine that I used to write for. The harsh economic climate of today will no doubt see the back of many publications. A loss not only for the reader, but also for the writer who supports them.

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  1. Wow I like this, I'm at work as an insurance auditor and I'm viewing this from my iPhone. Looks nifty, but I think one of the graphics is busted. Maybe figure out how to gain weight on images to overlay with text for better results.