Friday, 2 September 2011

Final Stages

Sadly living alone again I'm spending more time writing than before. Someone said to me once that writing can be a lonely occupation. At the time I thought that it was just a statement, not a prophesy. So, now there's only myself and my dog, Bella, who's a lovely beast and great company.

As mentioned the writing is really going well. 'A Pride Of Lions' has now been rewritten for the 4th time and is in the final editing stages. Likewise my short story collection, 'Distant Shores'. I'm concentrating heavily on these and have moved away temporarily from other writing, to get these works completed and, as they say, 'out there'.

The MA is also almost finished too, thank heavens. I sent a submission to the Uni earlier in the week and only have one edit of the same to complete and submit, before waiting for feedback from the tutor. When I've had that it's a case of re-edit my last two submissions and send off a total of 15,000 words and a contextual essay, then await the MA submission results. Job done.  But I still need to decide what area to concentrate on for the essay (although I have a few ideas) and the editing is easier said than done, for we never seem happy with our work; and, as Oscar Wilde once said, 'books are never finished they are merely abandoned'.

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