Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Up early, as usual, yesterday morning I sent my new short story "A Handful of Stars" to Escape velocity. I was deeply saddened to learn that this is their final edition, an anthology of all their best short stories that have been published so far along with a sprinkling of others. I was delighted, however, to hear that I might have a sale as they really like it. I'm just waiting for confirmation at this moment in time.

The idea came when I was at my step daughter's birthday party. My partner's youngest son had taken a handful of table decorations and wanted a photo of them. It's amazing what can inspire us.

I've just about finished the big article that I've been writing. It ended up at 14,250 words, which is far too large and so it still needs editing. The trouble is, what to edit? The whole thing is fascinating and it really grabs you. I need to see what the editor says about it and I hope to speak to him today.

My Michael Jai White Feature is up in digital form. Take a look, it can be found under February's digital edition at:

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