Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I was delighted when the interview with Michael Jai Write over his new film Black Dynamite finally went ahead on Monday 10Th January. It went really well too, the film studio rang at the agreed 5PM and I was put through to Michael bang on time. What a great guy! With black belts in seven different martial arts he was ideal for Combat Magazine, who'd commissioned me to write it.

There I was with a fleet of pens by my side, a stack of paper, two recording devices, Michael's voice carrying confidentally over the loudspeaker and my well prepared interview sheet in hand when disaster struck. Without warning an awful hum came over the phone and I could hardly hear a word. Grabbing the handset I was able to hear him enough to write everything down freehand, so the disaster was averted.

What did I learn from this? To be prepared for anything. Well tested recording devices and spare batteries aren't enough, you can literally be torpedoed from any direction. Who could imagine a problem with the phone line and what a tragedy it would have been if it had all gone wrong.

The feature's now written and I've also run it past the publicity company. This morning I've sent it off to the editor, along with their stills from the film. Now I'm just waiting, with baited breath and jagged fingernails. Here's hoping all goes well.

Details of Michael can be found on his home page at:

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