Saturday, 8 January 2011


A few disappointments recently were two interviews that my editor put me onto. The first was with Simon Crane, Stunt Coordinator. Simon has just finished work with Angelina Jolie on her new film "Salt" and has worked on such wonderful films as "Men In Black", "Hancock", "Troy", "Mr & Mrs Smith", "Terminator 3", "The Mummy", "Titanic" and "Saving Private Ryan" to name but a few!

Managing to leave work early I was all set for the agreed time of 6pm. The film studio rang me to say that the interview would actually take place at 7pm, as this coincided with Simon's lunch hour. At 7.30pm I received an email saying that they would ring shortly and then at 8pm I had another email saying that it had been cancelled as something had come up and it couldn't be rebooked. As a great admirer of Simon's work I was disappointed to say the least but these things happen. All I can do is keep my eye open for more of his amazing work and keep my fingers crossed for future opportunities.

A week later I had a second interview, this time with Michael Jai White. Michael, whose film "Black Dynamite" is due for release here in the UK on 24th January 2011. Having been in such brilliant films as "Universal Soldier", "Spawn" and "The Dark Knight" I was really up for this one; particularly as Michael is also a black belt in seven different martial arts! On the morning of the interview I learned that this one had been cancelled too, hopefully to be rebooked sometime in January. I really look forward to that, as Michael will be a an absolutely amazing person to interview.

So what has this taught me? That life as a writer is not an easy one. It is, however, a fantastic one; to have such amazing opportunities really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

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