Monday, 6 September 2010

I thought surrealism was asking your children what they wanted to be when they grew up then your partner's six year old son (at the time) replying that he wants to be a murderer. But on Friday whilst talking to Paul Clifton, Editor of Combat Magazine, and we were discussing potential articles he asked me what I would really like to write. My answer was "that article on Jackie Chan you asked me for back in 1985". Paul laughed, particularly when I told him that one of the photographic models for my book now works as a stuntman in all the Jackie Chan movies. (Chen Kai Chong can often be seen by us in them, followed by cries from me of "that's him!") Paul then tells me that Jackie is back in the UK in a couple of weeks and would I like to interview him then. Picking myself back up off the floor I think about it for 0.5 seconds and then say yes. Fully aware that life often puts obstacles in our paths I can but hope. So, fingers crossed and watch this space...

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