Sunday, 11 July 2010

Success, yay!

Yesterday I decided to send off a short story and a poem to an Ezine, thinking that a response would take quite some time, as they usually do. However, when I awoke this morning I checked my Blackberry and found an email from the Editor confirming acceptance of both, that they don't usually take poetry but he is looking for a slot for it. Great news indeed! This is the first short that I have sent off for quite some time and my first acceptance of a poem. To say that I'm chuffed is an understatement.

Many moons ago I used to write on a desk but in a rehash of furniture when my partner moved in it was relegated to the shed, due to space limitations. Consequently I then took to writing on my bed, as this is such a busy household and one needs quiet, as we know. One of the tutors on the course suggested that I rethink this and redefine my writing habits, as I wrote whenever I felt like it. Contemplating his suggestion I moved to the dining room and now stick to a specific timescale, with my books around me on the bookshelves. Indeed this seems to be working as I am getting more and more prolific.

Later on today I'm taking my somewhat daft dog - who managed to fall into the pond yesterday (well at least she was cool) - for a long walk, as is our want. I'm really looking forward to it. So is the dog I do believe, as it's a very hot day and she is eying up the pond again.

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