Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cursed, So I Am

Why is it that when you think you are finally catching up on your writing projects something catches your eye and your breath quickens? Browsing through publishing sites this morning one in particular immediately grabbed me, and I thought I'd love to have a story that would really fit into that. Then realised that I did. So, now I'm rewriting my short story 'Dream Stealer'. But that's never the end, is it? On top of this project I have the novel to complete, a feature a magazine editor's agreed to in advance and a brace of book reviews.

So, is writing a gift or a curse? A bit of both I guess. I simply love the way that stories chop and change as you develop them, the thrill of getting  critiques back and the sheer delight of having one or two accepted by editors; the dismay when occasionally those accepted aren't published and you wonder why you left it with them in the first place, when there are so many other markets waiting out there.

Tis cursed, so I am.

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