Sunday, 12 December 2010

I've just heard that my short story "Santa Claws Is Coming" has been accepted for the Screaming Dreams Christmas 2010 Anthology, what brilliant news! The brief was to write a horror story for Christmas and it had to be as macabre as possible. The editor says "It's very weird and unusual, in a good way! It will definitely be in the Christmas issue."

With Uni paused for the festive break I can breath a sigh of relief, play catch up with other projects and add final touches to Uni work. There are two interviews that I have to finish off, plus another short story and I have to rethink my writing hours because there just aren't enough of them. I totally agree with the tutors guidance, that you need set hours to write each day. But I get up at five now and write until gone seven, plus have numerous hours over the weekend. Do I get up at four or squeeze in an hour in the evening? The trouble is that if I do the latter there is always the temptation to do more and you start to infringe on family life, so it looks like a four o'clock start from now on.

I have several short stories and another poem away at the moment, that I am still awaiting answers back on; plus a novel synopsis with a publisher. One can but hope, but hey come on guys it's Christmas :-)

As for now, back to writing. My story's calling me.

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